Museums in Evia

Museums in Evia

Archaeological Museum in Eretria

The Museum of Eretria is one of the important museums of Greece, with findings which cover the entire spectrum of habitation in the area, from the Bronze Age to the Roman Period.

The sculptures of the temple of Apollo Daphnephoros hold a prominent place, especially the cluster of Theseus with the Amazon Antiope. The building of the museum belongs to the Greek state and its expansion to a second great hall was funded by the Swiss School of Archaeology. The findings come from excavations in the area of Eretria.

Archaeological Museum in Karystos

The Archaeological Museum of Karystos is housed in the west wing of Giokaleiou Cultural Foundation and also has an auditorium and a library. The archaeological collections include:

  • Sculptures and signs from Karystos (classic-Hellenistic-Roman)
  • Findings from the Dragon Houses(Ochi, Styria)
  • Clay figurines of various Karystos .regions .

Archaeological Museum of Chalkis

The Archaeological Museum of Chalkis is housed in a building from the early 20th century and gathers finds from all Evia. The exhibits are placed chronologically from the Palaeolithic to the Late Roman Period and from excavations in Evia.

The exhibition features a collection of findings from the settlement and cemetery of Manika (2800 – 1900 BC), Mycenaean pottery and figurines, Evian and Boeotian pottery and terracotta from the Economou private collection , a number of Classical and Hellenistic coins from Chalkis, Eretria and Karystos, Roman sculptures from Chalkis and Edipsos as well as funerary monuments from Chalkis and new Lampsakos

Archaeological Museum of Skyros Island

Finds from archaeological sites on the island are exhibited in the small museum, dating from the early Greek period (2.800-1900 BC) to Roman times. Some characteristics examples are the Cypriot origin flasks, the Attic geometric compass with sculpted ponies on the cap and religious pottery in the shape of horses.